Content Marketing: Visual Content

Social platforms are ever growing in popularity. This brings rise to the importance of visual content. Marketers already knew that images along with text make a greater impact on the audience rather than just text. However it is becoming a more and more important way to engage your target audience.

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Reasons to include images:

  • Companies marketing towards customers should place more importance on visuals.

  • Not only will a colored visual increase a person’s willingness to read an article but they will also retain the information for longer.

  • A post with a relevant image will get almost 100% more views.

  • Most marketing strategies place the most importance on photographs, followed by videos, infographics and lastly illustrations. However all four forms of visuals are still vital to successful campaigns.

  • Visuals are very useful in creating a personality and story for your brand.

  • Visual content is shared more than any other content on social platforms. Across all social platforms, including an image will increase audience engagement.


General Tips
  • Think about allocating more of your marketing budget to creating eye-catching visuals.

  • The first step in content marketing is to create engaging content. The next step is to create visual content that will excite your audience to read your articles.

  • Use more images to get more likes and shares on your content. You can use an image almost every 100 words.

  • Using images of faces will also increase engagement as they become more relatable to the audience.

  • Pinterest has more potential to go viral compared to Twitter content. Use Pinterest to your advantage as often a person who has repined a product will end up buying it.

  • Use Videos in your online shop to convince a customer to buy your product. It will almost double the likelihood of them making a purchase.

  • If you are emailing out a video, include the word “video” in your subject line to raise your open and click through rates. While decreasing your unsubscribe rate.

  • Videos are especially successful on Facebook.

  • A relevant infographic can have more attraction and power over a reader than the actual text of the article it accompanies.

  • People react better to following instructions with an illustration than just plain text. Infographics are great for product manuals and directions.