Effective Emails

Email campaigns can be very effective; all it takes is applying the basics correctly. You will also need to make sure the email is engaging and shows the brand’s personality. Here is a list of tips you can apply to your emails to improve your customer response.

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Effective Emails
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  1. Exclusivity - you want to generate the most interest and excitement you can with your campaign. Make subscribers feel as if they are seeing something special and limited. You can be subtle or direct in highlighting the exclusivity of the email. This is also a good time to humanize your brand and add a personal touch. Mention challenges and obstacles the brand faces, but also then restore faith as to why you can over come these. You can even segment your readers by asking them personal questions; in this way you can get your readers a more personal experience.

  2. Put the Customer First - it is important to show the customer that you have their best interest at heart. You can do this by extending their free trial or giving them more time to decide on your product. You want to make your customers happy so don’t overlook a generous offer to them.

  3. Feedback - ask customers to give you feedback on products, services your website, social media etc. Be careful not to over do it and annoy your customers.

  4. Use the customer to help you - New customers rely on reviews and comments of other customers when making their decision whether or not to purchase your good or service. This also helps to keep your users engaged and active. Another good way to use the customer is through referral codes. These are beneficial to everyone as it helps you advertise, and the customers get discounts.

  5. Create Habits - create habits amongst your users to click the Calls To Actions buttons in your emails. This can be achieved by each week including different Calls To Actions; some of which can include a free perk or special offer for example. You can also include downloads – exchanging files with your customers help to keep them interested and engaged with your brand. Another good habit it to use the same subject line for every email. That way readers can easily identify it’s from you.

  6. Be Clear - Firstly you need to remind readers what your company does and why you are important to the reader. Then make sure a user can easily see what the next step is after they have read your email and signed up for your service. This will help you increase conversion rates of users to customers. This can include a series of “Getting Started” Guides. You could also try suggesting just 3 points the customer should do to get more from the product or service.

  7. Keep Readers Alert - while you may have a pattern as to when you send out emails, make sure you keep the content varied. This will help to increase your open rate and keep your readers engaged.

  8. Be Alert - as a business you want to maximize your appeal to your audience. You need to keep up with the latest trends and events.

  9. Keep it Simple - when you make announcements about product updates keep them short and simple. You want to excite your audience with the new product. Another good think to do is show your gratitude for your customers. A personal and sincere thank you will make you customers feel good about themselves and your brand.

  10. Start Small - you can’t expect your customers to make big convertions with every email you send them. Rather aim for smaller interactions such a reading a blog post or downloading the file you sent.

  11. Timing - make sure you sending your emails to customers at the right time. You should try and account for different time zones rather than one mass email that gets the most clicks overall. You may also want to send an email to customers if they abandon their cart or become inactive users. You can target them specifically to get them interested in your brand again.