Quick Guide to Marketing your Brand

Getting your product and brand into the attention of potential customers is very important when starting up your online store. Ultimately your goal will be for the product to market itself through loyal customers. However this cannot just happen instantly and it takes time to convince viewers that you have a trustworthy and secure brand. Here are some tips to help you build your customer base through enticement rather than forceful strategies on the passing viewer.

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Keep a centralized marketing database

Customer Database
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Start by setting up an organized space in which to keep the details of important contacts for your business. This can include both your suppliers and customers. This should always be kept up-to-date, as it is important to keep in touch with potential customers as well as already loyal customers. Using a centralized database will help you in sending out mass marketing emails as well as keeping track of the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

A good start is to always get the email address of any potential customer as you can use this to send out email campaigns and further entice them to buy your product.

Get your brand and product onto social media

Social Media
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Make sure you setup profiles for your business on Facebook, LinkdIn, Pinterest, Twitter. Nowadays people spend a lot of their time on social media platforms and they are a very effective way of spreading information to a wide audience. You want to maximize your exposure online to ensure that passing viewers have the potential to become customers. It is important to get people to visit your website however you want to make sure it is the right people. Try and focus your content to attract your target market. It is important to give your brand a “personality” – you need to interact with your customer base. Crating a brand on social media will help you develop a more loyal following.

Try posting on groups and forums of the like-minded people you wish to attract.

Search Engine Optimization

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In order to get your website popping up as a top hit on a Google search or other search engines, you need to spread your brand across the Internet. Linking to many social media platforms is very helpful. However you also need to focus on getting links back to your web page. A good way to do this is to build the content of your page. This is done effectively by keeping your content unique and valuable. Focus on keywords that will show up in your target customers search.

Use a special/deal to attract customers

Special Deal
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Generally people do not like to just spend money on an unfamiliar product. This may lead to you losing potential sales to hesitant customers. A good way to coax customers as well as promote your business is to offer specials. Deals often make your product more attractive to both first time customers and those who have already bought your product.

Use a first timer deal to get customers to try your product for the first time.

Pay for advertising

Paid Advertising
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You may have to pay for boosts in your advertising on sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. This can be a good way for you to get maximum exposure but it is very important to keep track of the success rate of your advertising campaign. There is little use in spending money on adverts that are not returning more in terms of customers.

You may wish to also consider using some offline forms of advertising. Some more traditional marketing strategies may also be effective for your brand – such as flyers, printed advertisements etc.

Retain your Customer Base


Calls to action are also effective tools in getting potential clients to commit further to your product. They should provoke immediate positive action from the viewer. Focus your product on helping a customer through sales rather than pushing your product simply for creating sales.

Keep Track

Keep Track
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Measuring the success of your marketing strategy is key in effectively setting up your online store. The time and money spent on marketing your brand should always return a higher profit in terms of gaining customers and then the amount of money they are spending on your website. Using split testing can be an effective way of measuring the effectiveness of your different marketing campaigns. This will help guide you as to which sort of strategies your target market best responds.

Alternatively an easy way to keep track of your marketing campaigns is the number of clicks on your link or calls to action for your website. Once you have customers visiting your site, using email and surveys to track their satisfaction with your site is a good indicator of where your business is succeeding.