How to Become a Headliner Company

When potential or loyal customers read your content the first thing they read is the headline. An eye-catching headline will raise your potential for higher conversion rates, traffic and new customers. There is a lot more potential opportunities to use headline formulas in other aspects of your business.

Tip: Rather underplay on the headline and over deliver in the content. There is nothing more unappealing than an exaggerated headline that promises so much and the article falls flat.

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Some different types of headlines:

People share information with other as a way of impressing the other person. You need to create content that is going to make a person sharing it look clever and interesting. People rarely talk about when they bought something for more than its worth. Rather give them a reason to tell the story and entertain others.

  • How to … - "How To Create Content That Generates Traffic"

  • The Ultimate Guide to … - "The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up an Online Store"

  • Rally cry headline – "Let’s …"

  • Secrets headline – "14 Secret Ways to Use Drip Marketing"

  • Warning! Do/Are you … - "Warning! Are you losing Money on AdWords Campaigns?"

  • Outrageous or Controversial headline – "Here’s Why You Actually Lose Money with Facebook Ads"

  • Quiz: Which/What/How … - "Quiz: What’s your favorite social platform?"

  • Testimonial headline – "Build. increased my conversion rate by 10%."

  • Question headline – "Do you want to make more sales?"

  • A tutorial to show you … - "Check out this tutorial on creating a great landing page."

  • … Hacks you didn’t know about … - "30 Hacks you didn’t know about Pinterest"

  • Explainer headline – "Why Instagram may be your new marketing platform of choice."

  • Breaking News … - "Breaking News: Build. now offers real time shipping!"

  • Imagine … - "Imagine your conversion rate increased by 10%."

  • What you should know about … - "What you should know about Drip Marketing."

  • Keyword headline – "Digital Marketing: Using Twitter to generate traffic."

  • Urgency headline – "Setup your online store NOW!"

  • Action and Outcome headline – "I started using Drop Shipping and saved $1000s."

  • Use target audience as beginning of headline – "Entrepreneurs! Do you know how to achieve sustainable growth?"

For Social Media

Don’t be afraid to post an article more than once with different headlines. Use some of the options above and test which get the most clicks. Often viewers respond better to varied content and headlines. After all you post on social platforms to entertain and build an interest in your brand.

For Emails

The subject line of an email is essentially its headline. You want to create a headline that compels people to open the email and look at the content. People are sent hundreds of emails everyday so you really need yours to stand out to get clicks. Most importantly don’t make your subject line seem like the email is spam!

For Articles

As shown above the content on your blog aren’t the only posts that require strong headlines. You need to make all your content eye-catching. In articles the headline portrays the momentum with which the article will continue.


You can use headlines to help get your sight search engine optimized. Use strong keyword in your headlines and you will find your article popping up infront of more people.

For your Sales Page

You ultimate goal is obviously to make sales. So the headline of your sales page is crucial. It can influence your traffic and conversions.

For Opt-In Opportunities

You can use headlines to create more exciting and desirable opt-in suggestions. A good example would be an eye-catching headline when you are trying to get a potential customer to sign up to your email list.

For Your Testimonials

You can increase the effectiveness of testimonials by starting off with a headline that immediately grabs attention.