Marketing Checklist

Digital marketing is becoming one of the most effective tools to accumulating a loyal customer base. New technology and social platforms are emerging all the time; which means it keeping up with digital marketing can become quite complicated. This checklist will help you keep your brands marketing up to date and in front of any potential customers.

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  • Emails – Check out our guide on how to create emails that will maximize your conversion rates.

  • Social Media – use as many of the social platforms as you can. This will help you create relationships with potential customers as well as keep your brand relevant to them. Make sure you understand how to maximize exposure on different platforms. You can use our article on optimizing social media marketing to get started.

  • Google Analytics – as a marketer you want to be able to track your conversion rates, traffic sources etc. Google Analytics can help you make sure you run successful marketing campaigns. Take look through our article “Tools of the Trade” to find other online tools that can help you maximize the success of your marketing strategy.

  • Create a Webpage – Use Build. to create an eye-catching and interesting website that potential clients will want to visit and check out your products. You want your website to be easy to use and efficient.

  • Retarget – Often small businesses focus on getting new clients rather than keeping those who you already have acquired. You want to build a loyal client base. Retargeting involves re-advertising to those who have already visited your site.

  • Focus Metric – identify a key metric upon which you can measure the success of your business. This will help you plan your marketing strategies more clearly as well as getting your business to a sustainable growth rate. For more help take a look at “Achieving Sustainable Growth”

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Get your company SEO as quickly as possible. Try to create links between your brands social media pages, create links within your site to other pages on your site and you can include common keywords in your content that will be used by potential clients when they search for your product.

  • Content – When writing content for your blog/webpage don’t be afraid to highlight the important information you want customers to notice. Keep your content interesting and informative – this will create a desire amongst potential customers as well as help you create word of mouth marketing.

The most important thing in digital marketing is to check anything you putting in front of the public first. You can run lots of test to see what marketing strategies will work best for your brand and product. As long as you keep adapting your strategy you will be able to keep your content relevant and your brand in front of the right audienece.