Tools of the Trade

Managing your online business takes up a lot of time you may not have. Through the variety of tools offered online this can be made a whole lot easier. They do the repetitive tasks that will help optimize your online business. From the tools available you will need to select those that will help with your specific marketing strategy.

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Google Analytics

This is one of the most efficient analyzers available and is specifically designed for marketers. It allows you to track conversion rates, traffic sources, onsite activity etc. It will help you to make the most effective marketing strategies by allowing you to test different designs and landing pages. This tool is key to optimizing your online business and improving sales.


Trello is a web based project management application that helps with managing your team. You can now effortlessly keep your team focused on tasks and outcomes. It offers your business a way of keeping track of projects and individual’s tasks. As well as alerts and to-do lists which can be updated by any of your staff.


When running your online business time is of the essence, however procrastination is always just a click away. This tool helps you manage your time and stay focused on the important tasks. It monitors the time you spend on each application and will give you daily reports on how you used your time. In adition you can use it to even black out time wasting applications and websites.


Dropbox is an app that lets you easily share files with your whole team. It is ideal with online collaborations and easily sharing files for a project.


Social media marketing can be very time consuming. HootSuite can automate lots of this marketing, taking the burden of managing all the social media accounts. It helps you to track and manage your social marketing over several sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Google Alerts

Do you want to track how often your business is mentioned online? Then you need to make use of Google Alerts. This free app allows you to type in keywords and you will receive reports on how often they are mentioned and any discussions around your business. It can be utilized for consumer outreach and public relations. You can even use it to track your competitors and their marketing strategies.


This project manager helps you to track, monitor and manage all your marketing projects. It also helps you keep your team up-to-date on projects by allowing you to email to-do lists. By creating different accounts you can keep all freelance staff, contractors and virtual assistants in the loop.

Google Keyword Tool

This free tool will help you to find new target keywords to make your business search engine optimized and learning your target audiences search habits. It can be very helpful if you use Adwords Campaigns as a marketing strategy.


A key part of online marketing is getting your brand search engine optimized (SEO). Moz helps you to track you search engine rankings. In addition it will help you learn more about your website’s authority and fine new SEO opportunities. The app was designed for professionals and offers very comprehensive analytics tool and SEO grader among other tools.


This tool helps you to keep an eye on your competitors and the advertisements. This can be useful if you are about to launch an ad campaign. It is an intelligence tool that helps make your ad placement and designs more profitable by tracking competitors.