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The New York and Los Gatos, California-based technology PR firm, @Sales and Marketing, has been based and has operated in California for a long time, and in that time has seen and done some great things with great companies.

Building relationships with the right people takes a lot of time, as we can also attest… and you don't have that much time to maintain a website if you're in meetings and coffee shops. Luckily Build makes that so simple, @Sales and Marketing chose us for their web presence.

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Simple Solution

Easily Navigatable, Intuitive Website

Building a website in which you can find what you're looking for easily is incredibly important, but at the same time poorly understood by most people… and sometimes even professionals who build websites find it difficult! Luckily, Build makes it so simple and intuitive to build a website that even relatively complex brochure-style sites, like @Sales and Marketing, are simple to put together in as little as a few hours.

On the home page of the site, you're presented with a summary of the services @Sales and Marketing offers, both in a slider at the top of the page and with more detail on the rest of it, as well as contact details and a portfolio slideshow further down. Any page on the website is easily accessible through the main menu's dropdowns.

Services Page

Client Portfolio and Case Studies

With a client list as extensive as @Sales and Marketing's, you're going to need more than just a few pages to list them, let alone give your visitors details. Luckily, Build makes adding and organising pages a breeze.

The site features two client lists, one for present clients and one for past clients, with an index for each showing the logos and branding of each client, and a link to their web site. Each client also has a case study page, which the visitor can view to read more about the relationships @Sales and Marketing has been building for their customers.

These pages can all be accessed via dropdown on the home menu, a feature which Build automatically inserts when you have a sub-page for a main page. It's as easy as dragging and dropping these pages to reorder them.

About Us Page

Services Page

@Sales and Marketing has more than just one string to their bow. Besides being a great sales and marketing company, they also offer services such as copywriting, web development and affiliate marketing, which they accomplish by drawing on their network of talented professionals in those fields.

Each service advertised on this page has a short description of @Sales and Marketing's experience in this field, and an example of their work which can be zoomed in to show a larger version.

Contact Page

Featured Client - Build!

All cards on the table… we are partners with @Sales and Marketing, who represent us as part of our sales team in the United States!

We are very pleased as punch and very excited to be represented by @Sales and Marketing, who have proudly displayed us as their featured client on their Build-built website.

On this page, you can find a rundown of our features as a website builder and a way to get in touch with us.