Luxurious Cape Town Villas

Cape Town, South Africa is the home of Build, and also one of the most beautiful and most visited cities in the world with a thriving hospitality industry. Luxurious Cape Town Villas is a new hospitality company, with a portfolio of luxury properties for rent, and chose Build to create its online presence.

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Completely Device Responsive

Luxurious Cape Town Villas' target audience consists of affluent tourists and travelling bon vivants from the world over, who expect to be able to conveniently book accommodation wherever and whenever they like. They could be at their desk at home, reclining on the beach with their tablet or e-reader, or in-between stops on their tour of the Mother City.

Build's templates work no matter which device you choose to view them on, and are easy to navigate on tablets and phones if you're on the go. So no matter which device you choose to view the site on, you'll be able to book your place to stay with no problem.


Dynamic Masthead Slider

Showcasing a selection of luxury accommodations calls for excellent architectural photography, immersing visitors in the luxury and opulence of the locations and offering a glimpse into the experience of their stay. The Luxurious Cape Town Villas site is a visual experience, with many stunning images of the properties on offer.

The main slider banner makes a great first impression as a visitor happens on the site for the first time. It rotates to show images of all the major properties in LCV's portfolio, and gives visitors a taste of the Cape Town experience. The site's galleries promise the visitor sun, waves, beautiful surrounds and the highest luxury Africa can offer.


Consistent Villa Pages

Good web design is consistent - a well designed web site will have similar layouts between pages, so that visitors learn what to expect and how to find things as they move through the site. Simple is always better, and too much content can overwhelm the visitor. Build's templates are designed with consistency and simplicity in mind. It's not just easy to create new pages and populate them with your own content, but the templates are designed to be simple to navigate. And they look great, too.

Each property in the Luxurious Cape Town Villas portfolio has its own page, with photos of the property, a description of the property and its attractions, and a booking form for convenient reservations.


Rich Embedded Media

Even when you have the best-designed web site, a little bit of interactivity and media can't hurt. Videos and audio drives engagement with visitors, who aren't always in the mood to read a lot of copy to get details on the property, but who will still want to experience as much of the property as possible before making a reservation.

Videos on Luxurious Cape Town Villas' property pages give the user a tour the property. Professionally shot and edited, these videos are hosted on YouTube and are very simple to embed on any page that you create.


BookingBug Integration

Even though Build is designed to be as simple as possible to use, that doesn't mean that you're limited in terms of functionality. Even though we might not offer features like booking engines, we give you the ability to use other services that will let you accomplish what you need to on the website.

BookingBug is Luxurious Cape Town Villas' booking engine of choice. It comes with a roster that allows visitors to book and pay for accommodation online, and then reserves those dates in their name. The bookings are easily managed via BookingBug's own admin panel, which LCV manages separately from their site. All that LCV needed to do was embed their code on each page using our editor. Simple as that!